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The services that an IT organization provides to its customers are defined by a combination of their IT Architectures and their IT Capabilities. Their IT Architectures define the “What” is provided (CRM applications, Blackberries, Email, etc,) and their IT Capabilities describe the “How”.

We define an organization’s capabilities as the people, processes, technology, assets and business partners that provide outputs of value to its customers.

The quality, efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s IT Capabilities are the key factor that determines the value that an IT organization can deliver. For example, if an organization has low quality project management processes and skills it will be unlikely that they will be able to successfully complete and deliver the value creating projects that the business has requested.

The IT Renaissance Capability Framework pictured to the right is comprised of fifteen capabilities that collectively describe everything that an IT organization does.

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IT Capabilities

The IT Renaissance Capability Framework

IT capabilities define how you deliver IT services and value to the business

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Adapted from COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, PMBOK,OPM3, ISO, People CMM  and other frameworks