Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

Our experienced consultants partner with our clients to develop an effective direction and roadmap for IT that enables their business strategy and maximizes the value that IT will deliver to the business.  An IT strategy articulates a clear mission, vision, and objectives for IT, bounds options for attaining those objectives, and establishes the roadmap to follow.   Our approach has three primary focus areas:

A Solution Strategy that defines the technology solutions that are required to support the business direction

A Delivery Strategy that defines the capabilities that IT needs to enhance to successfully deliver the Solution Strategy

An Enterprise Architecture that defines the the high level blueprints for key architecture components: Applications, Data, Infrastructure

A Road Map and Business Case that is realistic, implementable, and resource loaded

Our clients’ primary objective for developing an IT Strategy is typically to maximize the value that IT delivers to the business.

Other objectives include…

A well-executed IT strategy will improve the alignment between IT and the business and ensure that IT is working on initiatives that deliver the highest value to the business.

Our IT Strategy Services include:

We take a pragmatic approach to helping our clients create value creating IT Strategies

Because future uncertainty is the rule, not the exception, we leverage our Scenario Based IT Strategic Planning approach when necessary.

Clients want to spend their time delivering IT projects, not doing Strategy and Planning projects. For this reason, we work with our clients to create a realistic, but aggressive, time box for completing their IT Strategy engagement.

We employ our IT Strategic Planning Playbook and three of our proprietary frameworks in delivering our IT Strategy Services


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