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  Lean/Agile Business Transformation

In today’s highly competitive, global, digital economy, organizations need to be both Lean and Agile to remain competitive and to continue to increase the value they provide to their shareholders.


We leverage Lean thinking and Agile solution delivery principles to help our clients create the Lean/Agile Business Capabilities they need.

There are many Lean Practitioners in the marketplace that only address the process, people and physical asset dimensions of Lean Business Transformation. They treat Information Technology as an afterthought or as something that the IT organization of the company needs to figure out. They also tend to focus on relatively short term, incremental improvement opportunities.

Our comprehensive approach to Lean/Agile Business Transformation addresses all of the dimensions of an organization’s Enterprise Architecture (People, Processes, Technology and Assets).

We help our clients navigate the entire Lean/Agile Business Transformation Lifecycle, from developing a Business Capability Transformation Strategy, through developing a Lean/Agile Business Capability Master Plan and then delivering the Solutions that are required to implement the improved Business Capabilities.

We leverage our Transformation Master Plan Playbook, our Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook and our Lean Process Analysis Frameworks and Tools to take some of the mystery and buzzwords out of Lean so our clients can focus on solving their business problems and delivering results.

Lean/Agile Business Transformation Lifecycle

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Lean/Agile  Transformation