Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of technology that is transforming how business is conducted. We believe that companies should get ahead of this next technology wave and plan for how to leverage it for maximum advantage.  These ideas define our unique value proposition for IoT…


To be successful with IoT companies will need to master the Data Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, and IT Risk Management capabilities described in our IT Capability Framework.

Internet of Things

IT Renaissance assists our clients in addressing the challenges that IoT presents by developing an effective strategy, Enterprise Architecture plan, and roadmap to successfully leverage and securely manage these new technologies.

Challenges to the Business

Challenges to the CIO

Management may not understand IoT and what it means for the business...but can they answer these questions…

IoT may not be at the top of your priorities, but can you afford to wait to address it and plan for it?

  •  What are the missed opportunities for not taking  advantage of IoT solutions?
  •  Have you made them aware of new opportunities for  leveraging IoT solutions?
  •  Will your key competitors beat you to it?
  •  Do you know how strong your capabilities are to manage this emerging technology?
  •  What are the risks for not addressing the security and  privacy issues that will arise?
  •  Are you working with the business to provide valuable  IoT solutions in an integrated and secure manner?
  •  Will you be ready for the coming regulatory  requirements?
  •  Do you have a thorough understanding of your existing  vulnerabilities?
  •  Do you know what your customers’ need and expect  from IoT solutions?
  •  Do you have adequate policies, processes, and  governance in place?

  •  Have you explained to the business the risks for not  addressing potential security and privacy issues?