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Lean/Agile Solution Delivery is an integrated set of practices, processes and tools that dramatically improves the Value, Quality, Efficiency, Speed and Agility of an IT organization’s Solution Delivery, Application Management, Portfolio Management and Project Management Capabilities.

Lean/Agile Solution Delivery integrates principles, practices and tools from Agile Software Development.


Even with the improvements introduced by the Scaled Agile Framework, there are still shortcomings in Agile that have prevented it from being adopted more broadly. The most significant of these is that Agile is as set of Principles and Practices, it is not an enterprise scale Solution Delivery Methodology.

IT Renaissance has addressed this critical shortcoming by defining our Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook that integrates Agile Practices with:


Our Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook is a comprehensive, integrated collection of Solution Delivery “Plays” organized into an overall process framework and phasing model.

  Lean/Agile Solution Delivery

Our Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook has five phases and supports multiple solution types. The Initiate, Concurrent Solution Engineering and Deploy phases are essentially the same, regardless of solution type, while Release Zero and Develop will have significant differences.



In addition to the development of the Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook, IT Renaissance and several of our business partners are working on productizing the following additional Lean/Agile Solution Delivery innovations: