Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

Long-term IT Strategic Planning has always been difficult. In today’s uncertain economic environment, even planning for over a 2-3 year horizon is a challenge.

IT Renaissance leverages the Scenario-based planning concepts introduced by Peter Schwartz in his book “The Art of the Long View” to help our clients develop realistic, flexible, and executable IT Strategies and plans, even in the face of economic complexities and uncertainties.

  Scenario-Based IT Strategy

Hopefully the leadership of your company has already developed scenario based plans. If they haven’t we can work with your business and IT leadership to define the things that the IT organization will need to do under different business and market scenarios. One of the critical pieces of information is how much funding will be available for IT under each scenario.

We then work with IT leadership to develop plans for each alternative scenario that IT might face. For example, if one of the scenarios requires additional belt tightening, we would develop plans for  IT cost reductions and, possibly, hold off on staffing any new strategic initiatives until there are clear signs (Schwartz called them “Signposts”) that the economy and industry are improving.  The chart on the left illustrates the context for this approach.