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One of the most important principles of Lean is to identify your customers and understand what they value.

One of the challenges in measuring, and even defining, IT Value is that IT has three very different “customers” that each has their own, and sometimes conflicting, definition of IT Value.

The primary customers, or consumers, of IT are the internal and external users of IT applications and services. They typically value:

The users of IT Services, however, are not the “economic customers” of IT. The business executives that are responsible for the business capabilities (e.g., business process owners) that the IT applications support and that sponsor IT projects to improve those capabilities are the economic customers of IT. They typically value:

The third group of customers of IT are the owners of the business. In the case of a publicly traded company this would be the shareholders of the company, represented by the executive leadership of the company and, ultimately, the Board of Directors. The owners of a company typically value:

Any effort to calculate the Value that an IT organization has delivered has to take into account the unique perspectives of all three of these customer groups.

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