Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

  IT Cost Reduction

Most IT organizations are under constant pressure to reduce IT operating expense.  Some of these organizations need to make additional reductions in some areas to offset the need to spend more in others.  Our experienced consultants have identified and delivered dramatic cost reductions for large and small IT organizations in a variety of industries.  Based on this experience we have developed an effective, comprehensive approach to IT cost reduction that will help you quickly identify opportunities to reduce IT spending.  We then help you define and execute the projects that will be required to actually achieve the target savings.

In today’s era of outsourced IT Services and Cloud Computing we have found it very helpful to take a Service Oriented approach to IT Cost Reduction. Rather than focusing on the individual costs of a component of IT, we focus on the total costs of providing an IT Service, using the concept of an IT “Bill of Service” as described below:

We leverage Lean thinking, our extensive IT Cost Reduction experience, and our proven three-phase IT Cost Reduction Playbook to help our clients achieve their IT Cost Reduction Objectives.

How We Can Help

IT organizations typically do not require outside assistance when they can meet their IT Cost Reduction objectives through typical Expense Reduction actions (see IT Cost Reduction Insights). We help clients develop and execute plans for effective, sustainable IT Cost Restructuring results by leveraging the three-phased IT Cost Reduction “Play Book” outlined below:

Lean/Agile  Transformation