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  Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Transformation

The purpose of the Solution Delivery capability is to ”Define, design, create (build, acquire, enhance, and integrate) and deploy information technology based solutions into the operations of the business”.

There are many types of Information Technology Solutions – Transaction Processing Systems, Analytical (Big Data) Applications, Mobile Solutions, Packaged Solutions or Rapid Configuration Cloud Solutions, like The Information technology solutions that are implemented can be entirely new solutions or they can be enhancements to, or corrections to defects in, existing solutions.

A Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Transformation will dramatically improve the quality, speed, efficiency and agility of an organization’s Solution Delivery capabilities.  

A Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Transformation integrates Lean Thinking, Agile Principles and Practices and traditional Solution Delivery and Project Management Best Practices and typically involves:







Lean/Agile  Transformation