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 Lean/Agile Transformation Playbook

No two transformations are the same. They differ based on the Capabilities that are being transformed, the magnitude and the scope of the transformation, the size and complexity of the organization and the objectives for the transformation.

Any transformation needs to address all of the dimensions of the capability – the processes, the people that perform the processes, the technology that supports the processes, the assets that are consumed, created or changed by the processes and the suppliers/vendors that provide critical inputs into the processes.

Some transformations are initiated based on the Roadmap that was developed from a comprehensive Business or IT Strategy. Others are the result of the recognition by IT and/or business management that the performance of IT or a key business capability is not at the level that it needs to be.

Regardless of their origin, we recommend that all Transformation Initiatives begin with the completion of a Lean/Agile Transformation Master Plan. The objective of the Master Plan is to define the future state of the Capability to the level of detail necessary to complete an implementation Roadmap and Business Case.

Our Lean/Agile Capability Transformation Master Plan Playbook is presented below.

We have leveraged this playbook, and our supporting frameworks and tools, to successfully transform the IT and selected Business capabilities or many companies.

Lean/Agile  Transformation