Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology IT Capability Framework IT Architecture Framework

To improve overall IT performance and increase the value that IT delivers to the business, it is important to have a clear and unbiased understanding of the current state of IT.   

IT Renaissance provides our clients with objective, fact based assessments of all aspects of IT. We have designed our IT Assessment approach and tools around these five key drivers of IT value.

In addition, each IT Renaissance core service leverages our IT Assessment processes and tools as follows:

An individual Assessment Engagement could address some or all of the areas specified in the chart on the left, depending on the needs of the client.

Our IT assessments are supported by our comprehensive and unique frameworks and tools, which facilitate the assessment process and allow us to rapidly assess any facet of IT (e.g., the IT Renaissance IT Capability Framework, the IT Renaissance IT Architecture Framework, and our Application Quality Assessment tools, etc.)



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