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Enterprise Architecture Framework

We define Enterprise Architecture as the set of principles, standards, guidelines, data and blueprints that describe an organization’s operating model, from original supplier through end consumer and across all of the dimensions of their internal operations.

The IT Renaissance Enterprise Architecture Framework encompasses an organization’s Extended Enterprise Model (from Suppliers to Channels and Customers) and its Business Capability Model, including supporting metrics. IT Architecture is the Technology perspective of the organization’s Business Capabilities.  Other perspectives include the People (Organization), Business Processes, and Assets.  The chart below describes our view of Enterprise Architecture.

Effectively managed Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical to facilitating an organization’s agility.  While many companies do not spend adequate resources on managing their EA, there are many forces that compel doing this, including…

Our comprehensive approach to managing an organization’s Enterprise Architecture requires an effective partnership between the business and IT to provide a more effective, efficient and agile IT function.