Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

Business managers have the ultimate say on whether or not IT is successful. Businesses have an implicit hierarchy of needs related to IT Success (as shown in the chart below).  IT must satisfy all of the lower level needs before business executives will invite them to have meaningful discussions about higher level needs.

 We have four Transformational IT Leadership services:


Our Senior Partners have assumed interim leadership roles in IT organizations and software companies. During the course of these three to six month assignments we work with our clients to assess the current state of their technology organization, resolve immediate issues, and design their future state organization. We then work with management to source and qualify the appropriate long-term leadership candidates.


Our senior consultants (several who have been CIOs) help new and incumbent CIOs improve their performance by providing mentoring and coaching and by being an objective, independent sounding board as they deal with difficult issues


Often business executives have a different expectation of what they want from a CIO than the CIO might have.  We offer an objective perspective that improves alignment in these expectations, and refines the current and planned roles for the CIO.


Improving the effectives of IT Leadership often requires more IT savvy executives.  We conduct workshops that provide education for business and IT executives that better explain the IT function and the leadership roles for both business and IT managers.


IT Leadership

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Often a CIO does not have the time to wait until the base level needs are satisfied before tackling a higher level need, and must work on multiple needs simultaneously.  While this is risky, it is possible, but additional resources will be required and expectations must be carefully managed with business management.

Our senior consultants provide guidance, coaching, and executive education to optimize IT leadership and help align expectations by creating a transparent environment for IT.