Helping Companies Succeed with Information Technology

Lean/Agile organizations are more efficient, have reduced lead timers, deliver higher quality products and services, are more agile and have higher customer satisfaction.

IT Renaissance has leveraged the power of Lean thinking, concepts and tools and Agile Principles and Practices to help IT organizations achieve the same results.

We take a multi-dimensional approach (People, Processes, Technology and Assets) to our Lean/Agile IT Transformation engagements based on our proven Lean/AgileTransformation Playbook.

Our Lean/Agile IT Transformation Services are typically focused on the overall IT function and also apply our

IT Renaissance IT Capability Framework..   We also have specific IT transformation services for these areas:


We provide an objective review of what needs to be done to improve IT and Business  performance and insights on how to do it.

We work with you to develop a process and roadmap for the transformation, and guide you through the process to ensure a successful result.

Lean/Agile  Transformation

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Our Lean/Agile Business Transformation Service employs our Lean/Agile Playbook to transform specific business capabilities, as required by our clients.

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